Be a Tour Host


Kit deBibliothèque said...

I am looking for more info on being a tour host, but I couldn't see all of the genre choices (it looks cut off after historical romance on my end). Great page btw!

Kit de Bibliothèquer

Mary Bearden said...

Could let me know if these are all ebooks or are there any hardcopies? I don't have an ereader so I can't review ebooks. Thought I better ask before I sign up and then find out. Thanks!


Unknown said...

Hi, I am interested in being a tour host on my Tumblr blog. I am an author trying to gain exposure for my blog and read some fun new books. I love reviewing books and would like contemporary romance. Let me know what steps to take and what kind of time commitment you estimate this will take.
Ellyn Oaksmith

Megan Duncan said...

I have a book review blog, and I'm looking to become a part of your team. I don't see where to register though on the web site. Are you still looking for hosts?

Mary Moriarty said...

Hi, Found out about this from VS Nelson. Would love to host a blog tour.
Thank you !!