Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tour Completed

Tasty Book Tours is organizing a Tasty Blurb Tour for REDEMPTION AT MIDNIGHT, Book Three in the Beloved Vampire Series by Mary Moriarty, releasing April 28th, 2014.

The Blurb Tour will run from June 2nd to June 20th, 2014.

Digital Galley will be available through Smashwords, for any host who would like to review.  Media Kit, Banner and Cover will be distributed about a month prior to the start of the tour.

Mary will be hosting a Tour Wide Giveaway of Three Book Bundles, One Digital and One Print (US ONLY)

Bella is the only daughter of former Vampire King, Cormac O’Heachthanna. She spent the first four hundred years or so in peace, happiness and love. Surrounded by her loving and strong father and brother. Then came the 1900s and with that women demanding their rights… and Bella starting to spread her wings.
By WWII Bella was in the thick of it. Working for the British as a spy. She goes to Germany where she would fit in to try and persuade top officials to come to the Allies side. No one prepared Bella that her objective was a dashing, German Aristocrat. Pictures didn’t capture his charm and personality… The reports only stated he was the architect of the concentration camps in Europe and the elimination of the Jews.
He was responsible for the worst crimes against the Jews but Bella fell for him hard and thought her love would change him or she would.
Problem is she never did, so her father and brother had him killed.
Bella spiraled out of control and would have perished had it not been for her dearest friends from a coven of witches in England.
Brent O’ Hara has been a Marine for almost half his life. He lived to go to battle. He was finally called up for a Special Ops unit with none other than Cormac O’ Heachthanna. Both he and his brother joined. After three years his brother is mortally wounded and changed. Seven months later without the backup of his brothers in arms he is on a mission, doing a sweep of a village when an IED kills four and severely wounds Brent. He wakes up to the bottoms of his legs missing and his left hand also gone. He then knew he would never be good for anything again… or so he thought. He needed to heal and Cormac knows just who would be the one to help. His daughter Bella… only she hasn’t spoken to him in sixty years.
Redemption at Midnight brings back some of the beloved characters of One Thousand Years to Forever and I’ve Been Waiting for You. There are also some new characters that you will fall in love with.
Can Bella and Brent find healing and love before it’s too late?

June 2nd-A Tasty Read Book Reviews
June 3rd- Manga Maniac Cafe
June 4th- Romancing the Readers
June 5th- Ashley's Paranormal Book Blog
June 6th- Twin Sisters Rockin Book Reviews

June 7th- Book Bliss

June 9th- Sara Walter Ellwood
June 10th- Reading Until I Fall Asleep
June 11th- Paranormal Romance and Beyond
June 12th- Book Freak
June 13th- The Tome Gnome

June 16th- Racing to Read (Rev)
June 17th- The Many Faces of Romance
June 18th- Danielle-Claude Indie Books Reviews
June 19th- Rebook424- Cassidie's Reviews
June 20th- Booklover Sue

  If you would like to participate in this Review Tour, please comment with, 
-Blog Name & URL
-Date Request (Will accept double booking when all stops are filled)
-Email Address, if NOT a Tasty Tour Host
-If you prefer to email me your Date Request, contact Tastybooktours@live.com , and use the Book Title in the Subject Line

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Ann Lorz said...

I can do the 4th of June


Brooke Bumgardner said...

I can host any date you need.


Booklover Sue said...

Booklover Sue can do June 20


PamM said...

June 16th please review on Racing To Read.

Sara Walter Ellwood said...

I can do an interview on June 9

Sara Walter Ellwood
My blog address: http://www.sarawalterellwood.com/blog

MY INTERVIEW QUESTIONS CAN BE FOUND AT: http://sarawalterellwood.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/interveiw-questions-for-blog-tours.doc

Book Bliss said...

-Book Bliss http://lbookbliss.com
-June 7th

Karen Roloff said...

I can do June 17th

Manga Maniac said...

I can host any date - just let me know what's good for you!

Manga Maniac Cafe

Fran Owen said...

June 6, please
Twin Sisters Rockin' Book Reviews

Bebe Knight said...

June 10th
Reading Until I Fall Asleep

Kinsey Book Reviewer said...

I can host June 5



Ashlynne Laynne said...

Paranormal Romance and Beyond can host on June 11th. http://www.ashlynnelaynne.blogspot.com/

Cassidie Jhones said...

Rebook424 - Cassidie's Reviews

June 19th

chucha said...

Book Freak

June 12

Kerry O'Dea said...

I can do June 13th.

The Tome Gnome

Danielle Ngontang said...

Danielle-Claude Indie Book Reviews June 18th